Wear Designer and Branded Shoes

Shoes are as important as any other fashion accessory or fashion essential. Be it a man or a woman, they all prefer to wear the classy and matching footwear with every outfit. Many of us value shoes. Without a doubt, most of us indulge in branded and trendy footwear every now and then. In today’s world everyone wants to be the fashion forward. And for this, they keep a check on the latest shoe styles as well as fashion trends. Some people love to wear the designer and expensive shoes, while other others wear comfortable shoes.

They believe it’s a way to pamper our feet after working so hard.Women are crazier about stylish and designer footwear; some are even obsessedwith shoes. It’s quite strange, but, apart from jewelry and apparel, shoes are also best friends of women. On the other hand, the importance of footwear is more than its fashionable aspects. Shoes are essential due to various reasons such as comfort, protection, etc. The perfect pair of footwear, adds style to your sophisticated look, boost up your confidence, and reflects your personality.

Footwear plays an important role in everybody’s life. Whether you walk, go to party or do any other thing, a perfect pair of shoes is must. When it comes to stylish and designer footwear, there is a shoe for each and every purpose and occasion. One can choose from hundreds and thousands of options available in the market. Some of the most popular footwear types are loafers, slippers, sandals, bellies, sneakers, peep toes, wedges, gladiators, sports shoes, flip flops, floaters, platforms, boots, stilettos, dress shoes, casual shoes, moccasins, and floaters.

For the office, women can wear bellies, wedges, or boots, and men can wear dress or formal shoes. For the party, gladiators, stilettos, and designer slippers are the perfect choice. Moreover, when going to the gym or for jogging, you must need comfortable and flexible sports shoes. However, be it any occasion or purpose, you must opt for the branded footwear. They provide better support and comfort factors. Some of the other reasons are durability, style, grace, fashion, etc. Catwalk, Delco, Inc.5, City Walk, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Nike, Red tape, Arrow, Code, Hush Puppies, and Metro are the names of some well-known footwear brand. If you are looking for comfort in addition to style and fashion, buy shoes from top brands.

3 Classic Pieces You Should Add to Your Wish List

As you build your wardrobe, it can be tempting to try to save money by buying cheaper pieces. For trends that will come and go, this is a great strategy. However, for certain classic pieces, ones you will wear again and again, it can be worth it to invest in higher quality. Regardless of which approach you choose, here are three pieces of clothing you can always use in your closet. Having these on hand will save you money since you’ll avoid running off last minute in search of something to wear so add these to your wish list!

A Little Black Dress. You’ve heard it before, but a black dress can be incredibly versatile and is a great go-to piece of clothing to have in your closet. You can wear it to anything from a wedding to a cocktail party to a school dinner. Find one that fits you well and you can use accessories to change up the look depending on the event you’re attending.

An Everyday Bag.Spend some time finding a great bag you can use every day, one that doesn’t show dirt, has pockets in all the right places and fits everything you need on a daily basis. If you find something you like, you’ll use it for years. It doesn’t have to be expensive either — the last bag I had cost me less than $50, and I used it every single day for three years!

A Nice Cardigan. A cardigan is something you can use all the time. It can keep you warm in a cool room, change the look of an outfit, work over dresses andtank topsand be useful all year round. If you find a style you like, make sure to ask for a few in different colors!


Anne Perkins is a freelance writer focused on how to live large on a little living. She writes financial savings tips for QuickQuid, the cash advance lender, and enjoys taking any idea and making it easier or cheaper to complete.

Key pieces for this Fall 2012

FashionEvery season there are a few pieces that become the key point. Call them must, Star or the most desirable, but then run out and people seek them like crazy. I’m guessing and I do not know what will be part of this group this Autumn-Winter 2012/2013, although if you look at the trends of the moment, we can have an idea of it. The price influences, and if we see it as who. Will you stay with any of the proposals today?

Breaking ranks!

Yes, military fashion is completely known as the star trend now. (Almost) Everyone wants to show off some of it, that’s why to get into the cold of late autumn, early winter, I choose the coat that looks Columbine Smille Mango. I love it! Straight lines, air male bicolor sleeves and simply perfect.
FashionStamped geometrically

The geometric print aims to break into our daily lives to stay and so we saw in the last parade of Prada Fall-Winter 2012/2013. Now H & M shows that you are serious about this trend showing clothes with him. Andy Torres and makes it look and combining it with clothes totally opposite, would you join it?
FashionSee that spike

Over the years the leather jackets are no longer just for bikers and have become a key piece in the wardrobes of many and many (myself included). Now the stores are committed to them and we present them in different fabrics, colors, shapes and applications. And as the spikes are cool Mogollon, Bershka it ‘will petar’ this season with his punk sucks. Zina of Fashionvibe and looks through the streets of New York, why wait?

The dancers Pretty Ballerinas more punk

ShoesNew trends mixed with Gothic influences Punks mid 70′s again take to the streets of major fashion capitals. Pretty Ballerinas loves this trend and has been adapted into two creations.

Studs, spikes, leather, nets, lace and seize transperencias models that look the streestyle, where black is the absolute king of the day and night.
 ShoesMarilyn rock till you drop is a dancer studs designed for the followers of the trend of hard rock, punk and tacks, but without losing that special and pretty feminine touch. Designed in a low-cut black suede last and notable for tack coat that covers the entire toe. And is that the studs are the details that you see in all kinds of garments.

Marilyn swirly black suede studs, is the same design of fine lace ballerina but a spirit romatico-gothic. The studs are scattered forming a heart ballerina claiming punk trend.


Garments must for this Fall-Winter already in my closet. What are yours?

TrendsWeekend tragic in my checking account! And I pulled Visa more than ever. But what can I do! I like to go shopping and new trends makes me mad when a walk around the shops of our country. Do not consider myself a fashion victim as the top of a pine: do not follow trends down pat and I get influenced by what I really like without worrying about if it is or not. Still, I’ve been itching a bit and here I show my essential for this Fall-Winter 2012/2013. Are we going to agree on anything?

Started my list with a garment that is hard (thank God). The leather pants. Yes, leather wins this season and in the pants more than ever. To me glad that they are fashionable, they recently had to pull my leggings were made leatherette because dust and depressed me to think I would not find anything. My thing with this model Bershka was instant love at first sight.Trends
We continue with my purchases and now it’s the turn of the denim jacket. But not any (that’s always good to have it in the closet). No, this time I have decided on one that follows the trend of the spikes on the shoulders. Perfect for alienating those you want to make a nuisance at night: try to rest your hands on your shoulder so you do not leak and bam! Are terrified. Mine is from Brandy Melville, although you can find a more simple Zara, Stradivarius, Pull and BearTrendsAnd finally we do with your feet … And after my disappointment with the clone of Zara TRF and Isabel Marant I did with this Fashion Pills. Yes, correct, but I must say the quality is not very good. But since I do not know how long this will last me go wonderfully fashionable.Trends

Prada Messenger Bags Are The Top Choice For Fashion Forward Women

Trust Prada to make a great-looking messenger bag. First used by bicycle messengers, a messenger bag was usually cloth or nylon with one long strap to go over the shoulder. They were convenient bags but usually rather ugly. Before there was a Prada messenger bag, no stylish woman would be caught dead  with a messenger bag. Men, of course, took to messenger bags, as they are very useful for carrying larger items. But, as we all know, most men are looking a a bag in terms of usefulness, not style.

Now, a stylish Prada Pink Prada messenger bag with the prominent “Prada” label is a must-have bag for working women. Messenger bags are an inexpensive way to wear Prada too, they usually cost about half of what a Prada handbag costs.

To make your Prada messenger bag buying experience safe and happy, use authorized sellers of Prada merchandise only. As tempting as the prices are at other websites, you really can find authorized sellers  with discount Prada. They sell last discontinued styles but you get first-quality Prada merchandise with all the authenticity paperwork, cards, and dustbags, just like you would if you paid full price.

If you’ve never used a messenger bag before, you’ll love it. It’s as practical as a small suitcase but easy to carry. If you take the train to work, the flat style hangs close to your body for safety. A Prada messenger bag will also look terrific and invoke the envy of all the women present as you come into a meeting and plop your bag on the table and remove your unruffled paperwork.

Mens Wigs – For Men Who Want To Look Their Best

Mens wigs? Many men are not even aware that they had an option to wear a wig to change their look or to cover hair loss. While men like King Louis XIII of France pioneered the wearing of wigs for men in Europe in the early 1600′s, by the 1700′s mens wigs were powdered white, like the barristers’ wigs  we see today worn in England.

Today, mens wigs are referred to as men’s custom hair pieces and they come in a wide range of styles and colors. An older man with balding black hair can get a custom hairpiece with just the right wisps of gray to make the hairpiece look completely natural. There are stock styles and custom styles so any man, no matter what type of hair he has or hair he desires to have, can find just the right hair piece.

Sometimes men picture mens wigs as those ill-fitting toupees from the 1980′s. Today’s wigs and hairpieces are nothing like the toupees of decades ago. New technologies have been utilized to make men’s hair fashion pieces undetectable.

Men have started wearing wigs but since they are not noticeable, other men never realize that they too, could have great-looking hair. Rarely will a man ever go “it’s a wig” to another man or to a woman for that matter. It’s a secret they keep to themselves. Men can go online and find mens wigs which the can have shipped to their home. The measuring is one by the man at home so he can enjoy privacy as well as lush, full, totally natural-looking hair.

I’m not fake, my neck, yes

 AccessoriesIf you are looking to catch up with the trends of autumn with very little investment, you’ll love this proposal. A simple update all your promises complement classic shirts and sweaters over your bland. This fall, get out there with a fake collar. But go as authentic as always, of course, we like you the way you are.

A bib Bollar mode converted into fake collar White have the option. Made of channels will cost you 12.99 euros.
 AccessoriesIf you are more of pearls, do not miss the proposal from H & M. Your price: 19.95 euros.

My alternative qe I liked was that of La Redoute. A world of false collars in different colors and materials to transform all kinds of closed neck sweaters. You have them in various prices.

Finally, to the luxury they will not be able to this section resisitir Net-a-porter, with false collars and variety of clothes that include it. You can become Karl Lagerfeld (the trendsetter in this issue of shirt collars bring above all) for the low price of 89 euros.

Isabel Marant continues to design more shoes, although firms have anchored in a single model

 shoesThe Isabel Marant has broken the mold. And I doubt that she will imagine the uproar that would generate their sneakers a few seasons ago. Who would say such strange shoes would cause such a furor? (Almost) Everyone wants them, that’s why low-cost firms have seen their reef and started to throw the clones like hotcakes. Now grace is almost gone, but still the French designer has shown its new next Spring-Summer 2013.

Is the most radical change? The introduction of a star in cloned model, but has also been quick to show new simpler models but with the trap so beloved: the hidden platform. If you are a still dying from them and do not have any in your wardrobe you can decide between these low-cost clones. Which do you prefer?
 shoes- In maroon and pink Bershka
- With laces in white and beige Stradivarius, 39’95 euros
- In light brown Primark
- In shades of beige in White
- An exact clone of David Z, $ 75

Long skirt, summer trend

Casual and long, is what takes this summer. Always afraid of the long skirt and do we fear the right combination, but you have to try this summer because long skirts, whether billowing, pleated or adjusted, are essential garment. If you do not have just to see you with them, I kindly suggest that you dare to go testing and arrisgando with different looks, sure to have just the trick to catching this in long skirts. To encourage you’ve chosen the ones we like for this season, and tomorrow we will take a couple of ideas on our facebook.


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