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Secrets of Creating round eyes

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

It is known that there are many secrets when it comes to makeup, which makes a huge difference between a good makeup and one that is not appropriate. This is because depending on certain facial features and hair color or skin tone, makeup and how the colors will be used will vary greatly.

Secrets of Creating round eyesOn this occasion, let’s try some recommendations for women with round eyes and want to know the proper way to dress up:

- First, it is important to note that the tricks they offer then aim to make the eyes look bigger and ripped. Fortunately, you only need to know some simple tricks to achieve this look pretty and sensual in her eyes.

- The idea is that you use cosmetics of daily tickets for you makeup, since the strategy is in how your makeup and not the products you use. Anyway, while having your cosmetics better quality, the better your makeup will stay no doubt.

- To beautify round eyes have to use mascara, dry brush, eyeliner and eye shadow. First, it is desirable that the liner you use is in pencil. On the other hand, seeks to bring out the eye makeup to give a more elongated. With respect to the tabs, you must pass a clean, freshly painted when dry to prevent the formation of blobs or clumps, not to mention that they will look much nicer and natural.

- Finally, preferably the eye shadow has to be dark and should be applied from the lash line to the arch that forms the bone, from the center of the eye out, to give a feeling that the eye is longer.

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