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Isabel Marant continues to design more shoes, although firms have anchored in a single model

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

 shoesThe Isabel Marant has broken the mold. And I doubt that she will imagine the uproar that would generate their sneakers a few seasons ago. Who would say such strange shoes would cause such a furor? (Almost) Everyone wants them, that’s why low-cost firms have seen their reef and started to throw the clones like hotcakes. Now grace is almost gone, but still the French designer has shown its new next Spring-Summer 2013.

Is the most radical change? The introduction of a star in cloned model, but has also been quick to show new simpler models but with the trap so beloved: the hidden platform. If you are a still dying from them and do not have any in your wardrobe you can decide between these low-cost clones. Which do you prefer?
 shoes- In maroon and pink Bershka
- With laces in white and beige Stradivarius, 39’95 euros
- In light brown Primark
- In shades of beige in White
- An exact clone of David Z, $ 75

Rubber Boots

Monday, February 6th, 2012

rubber boots
Autumn arrives and with it the freshness and showers. A real ordeal for your feet and shoes for the first wet, cool and even draw you a cold and hopeless, the second, get wet, break down and force you to have to throw them away and buy new ones.

So this fall, to avoid colds and unnecessary spending, investing in tap water boots. Yes, how we wore when we were little. So your feet will be protected from rain, dry and warm and also go the easy sea.

The Katiuskas of life have become a must for rainy days, both for children and for us, we must walk in the rain to get to work, looking after children or run an errand. While it is true that for a business meeting or a visit are not the most appropriate one can find an alternative to rain boot and find a waterproof boot with a design more like a dress shoe.

Having these two items can Work out a lot of trouble. For a casual look there’s nothing more fun than opt for a Katyusha. Pzero, together with Pirelli, have a line of Katiuskas very interesting, with bright colors, latest technology and, of course, Italian design of flexibility and low weight, which makes them ideal companions for a trip or a visit tourism in the rain. For your day job the key is to find a dress design but being of a material resistant to rain. The patent is a good option as well as padding and rubber sole always with a little heel. If, in addition, the interior is covered in hair (not see) will be your inseparable companions to go to the office. Who said the rain was a nuisance?

Alden Shoes Designs

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Alden shoes is a company more than a century old founded in 1884 by a man named Charles H. Alden from whom the name was derived from. The company sells its products over a wide array of stores in Europe and the US but can as well ship its products to any interested parties anywhere in the world. The Alden shoes company, although now dealing virtually worldwide, was founded in Middleborough Massachusetts.

The Alden shoes company has had a finely maintained history of designing and producing high end quality products and this is their distinct mode of marketing their designs, instead of concentrating in quantity and catchy designs. The shoes and other products made by the Alden shoes company are of superb quality bearing price tags which are reasonable as compared to the standards of the materials used and mode of craftsmanship.

Alden shoes are basically handmade so as to give every pair produced a touch of eloquence that has been their center point of operation. The most distinct process of making the Alden shoes is the use of the six month methodical tanning process of the Alden cordovan leather. This and other professional styles developed in years of experience are what make Alden shoes last for centuries under use, a factor that has made the Alden shoes brand last for years so as to beat national and international financial crisis that have in time seen a wide array of renown companies go under.

The traditional high end mode of hand stitched craftsmanship has highly boosted Alden shoes reputation and also played a commendable role in coming up with other accessories like belts and other accessories made to go hand in hand with Alden shoes designs.

Some of the top listed shoe designs include Alden men’s Indy boot high top blucher work boot brown chrome excel, Alden men’s long wing blucher shell cordovan color eight, Alden men’s Indy boot high top blucher work boot brown, Alden men’s Indy boot shell cordovan color eight, Alden men’s leisure hand sewn cordovan color eight, among many others that come in different categories and sub categories under size, color, width, discounts, prices and many more.

Alden shoes company deals also with women’s and children’s products which can be found under different categories of Alden shoes designs, other products made by the Alden shoes company include, shoe cream specially made for maintaining the high quality Alden shoes products. Any of the products made by Alden shoes company can be accessed at a wide array of stores in different continents and can also be chosen and ordered online and later shipped to any destination all over the globe.

Collection of summer boots

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Boots are an essential accessory that can also look for the summer, if we know what kind of clothes are best suited to achieve a chic look. So in today’s article we will take a brief look at the best proposals of fashion are my present in the styles of celebrities in Hollywood and in the collections of the best brands and designers.

Collection of summer bootsAbotinados sandals are the great protagonists of many groups. A cool, comfortable shoes we can wear almost any garment, from jeans mini version to a pair of jeans or a denim skirt.

Another interesting alternative is the peep-toe boots that provide a very feminine air. Remain perfectly with leggings or a pencil skirt, and also if you opt for a breakneck heels will result in even more spectacular.

Another bet to wear boots during the warm summer months are the biker-inspired metal studs and detail. A complement to the air we got a wild and daring that we can look with a tight black dress or leggings with a bright fabric.

Finally we have the type dandy boots with laces and a vintage style. A dress in chiffon mini version or shorts are an interesting option. Any of these shoes can find them in your corner grocery at very affordable prices if you bet by firms such as Mango, Zara and H & M. The interesting quality-price ratio of these parts and design at the forefront of the latest fashion is all you need to become the best dressed of your friends. (more…)

Winter Fashion Shoes

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Clearly, the global market for all the world is moving among many reasons mainly for fashion, especially for shoes that people wear at all times, which obviously must obey the fashion is booming at some point . For those days so cold, there is nothing more comfortable to take to the streets or to visit our restaurants, bars or favorite cafes with good clothing and shoes very, very pleasant of course talking about our year running.

Winter Fashion ShoesAs many say and way of saying, every year brings its own desire, but in our case every year brings its own trend and this year is focused on our 2011 winter shoes, as they have within them the latest technology best designs I will provide several benefits simultaneously, among them, care for 100% the anatomy of your foot that does not suffer any dislocation or discomfort when walking, always in fashion in our shoes, and finally a very, easy accessibility to these at all times by an online catalog of shoes.

Today, many fashion trends to govern you, who give advice and recommendations on how to look increasingly like the stars of red carpet. With new trends in shoes so much you look like you want and you can awaken the envy of all to show that you’re wearing the latest trends and stately lines of sneakers, and the best of it is that you can shout with great pride that is how you get them the best of everything, because you only had to have at hand the best shoes online catalog that gives you that opportunity and favorable price so they can be a giant, talking on the brightness of your shoes. (more…)

Christian Louboutin shoes and Louis Vuitton

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Christian Louboutin is without doubt a firm known for its shoe designs in issues and in 2008 surprised his clients to present a high-heeled shoe as “genius” was to have the sole red color than the rest of the shoe.

Christian Louboutin shoes and Louis VuittonIt seems that the company posted the model and the idea so do not hesitate to file a lawsuit to Louis Vuitton when he saw that they threw shoes appear.

Thus, Loubotin has filed for one million dollars in a court of Manhattan (New York), stating that it was more than two years when he recorded the idea referred to as “red idea. “

“The defendants used shoes that are almost identical to the trademark ‘red sole” of the applicant, which can cause and in fact is causing confusion, error and deception among the buying public, “the lawsuit says.

Marriage Trends 2011 Shoes

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

In womensquarterly we show always the best and most luxurious as trends are concerned and that is why we now want to make special mention of those men and you are going to marry, to speak of the shoes wedding.

Marriage Trends 2011 ShoesWedding shoes are not only those who will take the bride, but also have to say that we can refer to them as those with boyfriends.

Wedding shoes usually tend to be white and match the dress in the case of the brides, as well as being heeled whether open or closed, while in the case of the bride and groom can say that blacks will also play his suit.

Marriage Trends 2011 ShoesHowever, within these two definitions, we find that whenever wedding shoes, as indeed all shoes, tend to follow trends and that is why this 2011 we find some concrete models we will be on the cutting edge the day of our wedding if we get married this year. (more…)

Spring Fashion 2011

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

The Mango has been one of the first to place their online store under the name mangoshop. You can easily access your site and choose from the comfort of your home what you like to send it to you. Today we present the spring 2011 fashion online handle.
There’s plenty to choose from!

Spring Fashion 2011

Designer dresses large some tight at the waist by a big bow or a belt, the long, predominates above the knees, but just at the height of these also carried.

Spring Fashion 2011

The colors, like spring itself, very happy, explosive, yellow, orange, ocher, animal prints, lightweight fabrics and fall and glossy. V-neck Roman pot or fatal neck.

The maxi dresses are much too, in stamped or cut smooth and romantic setting or more to party in shiny fabrics like satin, faux leather fabric, ruffled tulle or feathers and even large type models geisha. Skirts, maxi skirts in shades of gold, silver, beige, black, mauve, Scotland. (more…)

Sports shoes to lose weight

Monday, February 21st, 2011

In the last year has become very popular type of footwear that was a revolution when it was launched: the slimming shoes. There are many firms that have already taken various models, mainly sports signatures. They are sports shoes or sneakers that promise you lose weight quickly because the sole is designed so that when you walk seems different fleets and those movements when walking is what makes you lose weight

Sports shoes to lose weight

According to manufacturers, this shoe mimics the gait of the Masai, a tribe in which there is no case of obesity and is related to how they move. These people are moved by unstable ground with wet sand and mud where the footprint is much deeper than if you walk in a normal field, which causes you to make a greater effort to give each step and to burn off calories

Walking with these shoes slimming forces you to have a more upright position, ideal for this shoe. Going straight influences not only the aesthetics but also does so in weight. When you walk using the entire sole of the foot, not just the toe or heel as we do always, and using the whole foot activates blood circulation and are forced to engage more muscles when walking.

In short, although it may seem incredible that you can lose weight simply by having a particular shoe, activating blood circulation caused by this is similar to what is achieved by sport, so you know, buy some and take a short walk even half an hour each day.

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