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Massimo Dutti collection for spring

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Massimo Dutti is another fashion brands that we qualify as a ” trendy ” is often convincing, and much each of their catalogs. And that is why now we present its proposals for 2011 in both menswear as feminine.

Massimo Dutti collection for spring

Massimo Dutti ‘s catalog for this year is certainly a varied catalog, both as regards the collection of autumn – winter and in spring – summer. In the case of the first firm commitment to earth tones, dark, long skirts and high boots combined in the case of fashion for women and suits and pants in camel style designs for Men .

On the other hand, the catalog of Massimo Dutti Women is a catalog that has other more informal proposals, and indeed in his summer collection, find striped shirts, mini-dresses and these with the current fashion is to bring floral prints , Checkered, or of different colors, some of them as successful as pink or peach.

As for the latest fashion for men, Massimo Dutti catalog includes pantanoles summer in soft tones, Texas-style shirts and jackets that combine elegance and sophistication with a mode that we can always see on the street.

Also in the fall campaign, Massimo Dutti and showed a clear commitment by trends such as the ” british ” or raincoats that have characterized fashion brands like Burberry.

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